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  • Jan

School Readiness Group

  • Tuesday at 10:45am

Want to get your child ready & excited about starting school in 2018?
This group is for you.
This is a well integrated group that focuses on all of the skills needed to be...

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Social Skills Group

  • Tuesday at 8:30am

Social Skills are not a 'rote learn' skills set. They are developed through organisation of the sensory systems, body & mind. Our specialist OT's understand the specific neuroscience behind...

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Holiday Intensive Program

  • Monday at 8:00am

We know that neurologically things that ‘Fire together Wire together’. Increasing the intensity of therapy increases the specific firing of messages within the nervous system supporting the...

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Feeding Group

  • Monday at 11:45am

Picky Eater or Problem Feeder?

Our unique feeding group is here!

Eating is the second most complex task we do. We understanding the sensory, motor &cognitive demands of eating and...