Camp 'Reset'

Camp 'Reset'

Camp 'Reset' provides specialised services for children who present with childhood trauma as well as for their parents/carers. 

Childhood trauma is one of the nation’s most impactful public health concerns with adverse childhood experiences being one of the strongest predictors for difficulties in life. Trauma can occur from an event and or experiences and it impacts not only the mind but the body (how it processes, responds & feels). 

To ‘Reset’ we need to support a child’s body to feel safe, secure and grounded; providing a platform to access skills of daily life and respond to tasks & interaction with organisation. Unlock a child’s true unique abilities, support self-confidence & empower success.

This camp was specifically designed by specialist OT, Kaya Lyons, integrating nature & nurture. The aim is to reorganise the nervous system & body, supporting integration of the body, mind & spirit. The result is improved executive functions, daily performance, social interaction & emotional regulation. 

Children will explore nature, engage in sensory integration, practice mindfulness, ground the body, & participate in back to basic tasks of living together as a peer group, in an off grid location.

Camp 'Reset': QLD

When: 12th - 16th April

Where: Cougal, NSW

Who: Children 7 - 12 years

Camp 'Reset': Parent & Carers

When: 18th - 20th June  2021

Where: Seal Rocks, NSW

Who: Parents, Carers, Foster Carers, Case Workers

Camp 'Reset': NSW

When: 12th December - 16th December 2021

Where: Treachery Camp, Seal Rocks NSW

Who: Children 7 - 12 years 

Camp 'Reset': ACT/VIC

When: 11th - 15th January 2021

Where: Snowy River, NSW

Who: Children 7 - 12 years

Camp 'Reset': QLD/NSW

When: 12th -16th April 2021

Where: Cougal NSW

Who: Children 7 - 12 years

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A huge thank you to Fleetmark & Jason Thompson, Equity One  & Dean Koutsoumidis, Graphic Art Mart & Fred Parker; for being major sponsors of Camp 'Reset' to assist us in supporting children working through childhood trauma.

Camp 'Reset'