Events - Junior OT Walkabout

Junior OT Walkabout

  • Topics:

    Holiday Group exploring within nature building connections, functional skills & empowerment.

  • Date:

    July 15, 2024 at 2:30pm

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  • Location:

    La Perouse

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Event Description

Holiday group exploring with each other outdoors, connecting to self, others and nature

Now more than ever there is a huge there is a huge need for children to feel connected, supported and build their skills of resilience.

This outdoor Junior OT walkabout has be specifically designed by leading specialist OT's to aid children to integrate:

- Sensory 

- Emotional

- Cognitive

Skills for life through playful connection.

Heading out into nature, exploring, problem solving & sharing. This social emotional environment holds space for foundational skill development of:

- Secure sense of self

- Safety in sensory exploration

- Confidence in movement & endurance

- Regulating emotions

- Ideating & Problem solving

- Resilience

Children engage in activities that encourage meaningful participation & empowerment, including:

- Navigating walking tracks

- Building shelters

- Bush cooking

- Natural craft 

- Team challenges

This walkabout group supports children 5 - 8 years who are ready to explore as part of a group in an outdoor setting.

Dates TBC: 4 Days - Monday-Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm

Fee $995.00 - NDIS Claimable