Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

We believe every child and family deserves the opportunity to feel seen, heard & valued in daily life.

We are a specialist trauma-responsive service that celebrates diversity

We are a whole person service providing a vast array of approaches to support overall development.  Our dynamic approach to intervention ensures goals are met in an efficient, meaningful and enjoyable way.

Our passion, love and belief in what we share is evident in our services, team and environment. Our occupational therapists have extensive experience in working with children of ALL Ages, Abilities, and Diagnosis

Each child and family is unique and has individual wants, needs and circumstances. Our family focused, play-based approach supports each individual child and family unit to develop skills for life.

We know that parents are their child’s first teachers and value working together with all supports within a child’s life.

We embed meaningfulness and function into our services in a safe and warm environment. This supports each child’s true magic to shine for all to feel, see and enjoy.

Areas include:

  • Infant: settling, attachment, feeding, milestones and movement.
  • Toddler: social skills, attachment, drawing and messy play, milestones, transitions, attention, movement, posture, feeding, dressing and grooming, sensory processing, play skills.
  • Child / adolescent:  attention, behavioural responses, social interaction, movement coordination, strength, posture, self-care and organisation, eating, sensory integration, healing from trauma, praxis, handwriting, spelling, reading, written expression, behavioural responses, health & wellness.
  • Children with complex needs: behavioural responses, independent skills, posture and gait, movement patterns, seating and positioning, feeding, self-care, sensory integration, equipment prescription, health & wellness.
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