Social Development Program: For Children with Autism

Social Development Program: For Children with Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) present with a range of different strengths, unique abilities as well as challenges. One consistent challenge across all children with ASD is Social Skills.

Does your child:

  • Have difficulty with Eye Contact?
  • Have difficulty Engaging and interacting with others?
  • Have difficulty remaining Calm and Attentive during social interactions?
  • Have difficulty with Playing/interacting in different ways?
  • Avoid/limit social Interactions with others?
  • Prefer to repeat familiar activities/ways of playing/interacting?
  • Have difficulty sharing their Emotions?
  • Have difficulty understanding and responding to others emotions?
  • Demonstrate behavioural responses during social interactions?

Did you know that all of these aspects are neurologically linked?

Active OT For Kids and Kids Spot have combined their knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop a Best Practice Social Development Program for Children with Autism.

13 Week Program includes:

  • Initial Social Development Assessment
  • Goal Based & Tracked Home Program
  • Goal Based & Tracked Specialist weekly intervention
  • Joint Occupational therapy & Speech Pathology Intervention
  • Mid Way Home and Intervention Review
  • Review Assessment

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