Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology

Kids Spot are a family focused speech pathology practice. We believe every child has the right to communicate and learn and that their family and the community are integral to that process. Our foundation for success is family, school and community training / support to ensure your child is able to reach their full potential.  

Kids Spot use family focused goal setting to help your child develop a range of skills for effective communication. We work with children of all ages and abilities and can help your child develop skills in many areas. Our therapists strive for excellence. We are committed to continued professional development and have undergone training in various methodologies and treatment approaches.

We specialize in: 

  • Speech (articulation, clarity and fluid speech – Stuttering)
  • Language (understanding and use of words, sentences and conversation)
  • Literacy and Dyslexia (reading, spelling and written text)
  • Late Talkers
  • Auditory Processing
  • Social skills
  • Play skills and interaction
  • Alternative Communication (PECS, Signed Supported Speech)
  • Listening and Attention
  • Visualising and Verbalising skills
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Genetic Conditions (e.g. Down Syndrome)
  • Developmental Conditions (e.g. Global Developmental Delay)
  • Physical Conditions (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)
  • Developing English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Hearing Impairment and Middle Ear Pathologies (e.g. insertion of grommets).
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