Who are we?

Who are we?

Our team is diverse, passionate and vibrant. We place significant value on relationships, communication and evidence-based practice.

Our team comprises of speech pathologists and occupational therapists. We understand the importance of working together as a team to meet individual families and children’s needs. We support development of skills for life including: academics, self-maintenance, leisure, feeding, and social interaction, language, articulation, literacy, written language, and study skills.

It is through building the foundations of sensory integration, play, fine and gross motor skills, language, articulation, literacy and writing that together, we see change.

Our practices include innovative tools and equipment to provide leading evidence based intervention. Using play as a platform for learning leads to repetition, empowerment and therefore success in life.

Kaya Lyons

Director / Occupational Therapist

BAppSc (OT)

Kaya is a dynamic trauma-responsive Occupational Therapist who is driven to support... View Details →

Julia Orsini

Speech Pathologist

B. App Sc (Speech Pathology)

Julia is a nurturing Speech Pathologist who is driven by her passion for working with the... View Details →

Emma Hanna

Occupational Therapist

BHlthSc / MOT

Emma is a motivated occupational therapist who strives to make therapy fun and engaging... View Details →

David Hedley

Occupational Therapist


David is a spirited Occupational Therapist who strives to learn, recognize and grow the... View Details →

Trudy Smith

Speech Pathologist

B.Sc (Speech and Language Therapy)

Trudy is a creative Speech Pathologist who is motivated by making therapy a meaningful and... View Details →

Jan Blomgren

Occupational Therapist

BA (S.E), B.O.T

Jan is a curious Occupational Therapist whose joy is felt in moments of lived experience.... View Details →

Oriane Zarb

Occupational Therapist


Oriane is a warm therapist who has a passion for connection, creativity and playfulness.... View Details →

India Davis

Occupational Therapist


India is an intuitive occupational therapist who is passionate about creating authentic... View Details →

John Hanlon

Occupational Therapist


John is an engaging occupational therapist who values playfulness to aid children to... View Details →

Ella Smuskowitz

Occupational Therapist


Ella is a compassionate Occupational Therapist who strives to support children to achieve... View Details →

Helena McHugh

Occupational Therapist

M.Sc (OT)

Helena is a mindful Occupational Therapist who strives to deliver child and family... View Details →

Emily Klonowski

Administrative Leader

Emily is a thoughtful person who strives to support families by creating a calm and safe... View Details →

Sophia Noble

Administrative Support

Sophia is a lively person who enjoys connecting with families and working as a team to... View Details →

Danielle Gallagher

Allied Health Assistant

Cert 4 (AHA)

Danielle is a caring allied health assistant who is passionate about supporting children... View Details →

Isabella Crain

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Studying OT

Isabella is a creative occupational therapist assistant who is dedicated to creating safe... View Details →

Alex Robertson

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Studying OT

Alex is an attentive occupational therapy assistant. Alex is active in engaging with... View Details →

Lara Pecora

Speech Pathologist

Masters of Speech Pathology, Bachelor of Arts: Media Studies, Minoring in Linguistics,

Lara is a fun Speech Pathologist who values respect and inclusion as part of a family's journey. Lara works... View Details →

Josephine Barton

Speech Pathologist

B. Arts, M.Art (Voice Studies), M. Speech and Language Pathology

Josephine is a friendly Speech Pathologist who is passionate about helping children and... View Details →

Jasmine Pang

Speech Pathology Practice Manager

Jasmine is an organised and innovative person who brings years of... View Details →

Natalie Love

Speech Pathologist

B. Speech Pathology

Natalie is a compassionate Speech Pathologist who always puts first the needs of the... View Details →

Lily Teoh

Speech Pathologist

B. App Sc (Speech Pathology)

Lily is an enthusiastic Speech Pathologist who aspires to forge strong and meaningful... View Details →

Cara McGrath

Speech Pathologist

B. Health Science (Hearing and Speech) & Master of Speech Pathology

Cara is a caring Speech Pathologist who is dedicated to finding and celebrating the strengths of... View Details →