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Surf Therapy Camp

  • Topics:

    Ocean Therapy: diving deep into the environment, supporting mental, physical, emotional & social health and wellness.

  • Date:

    October 7, 2024 at 8:30am

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  • Location:

    South Maroubra Beach

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Event Description

Grab your wetsuits and come together as a tribe, sharing the stoke of the surf. A place where the hidden messages of the self can float & you can learn to integrate the narrative of your lived experience with the joy & security held in the ocean!

Surf Camp focuses on 4 Key components:

- Learning & applying an understanding and reading the ocean conditions
- Connecting with self & as a group to build a sense of security

- Ranging, strengthening and organising movements of the body with the board
- Gaining body awareness and developing tools to support feeling fluency within body

- Using metaphors and the understanding of the ocean to build awareness of emotions & tools to honour & support flow
- Learn and understand the messages of emotions & their connection with the body & mind
- Develop tools of reflection and action, supporting resilience & confidence

- Exploring and engaging in moments of deep connection to self, the environment and each other
- Sharing experiences & reciprocity to feel a sense of belonging
- Building empathy
- Sharing Joy

All services were designed & are carried out by our specialist trauma responsive paediatric occupational therapists. All hold additional surf coaching & ocean safety training.

The surfing culture values being present in a single moment, sharing time & place with each other at one with nature. Our service integrates this value & supports an individual to break through their barriers to share the 'ALOHA' spirit. 

Date 7th - 9th October; September/October holidays 3 days (Monday-Wednesday) from 8:30am - 11:30am at South Maroubra Beach.

Supportive for children 9 - 15years. 

NDIS claimable

*places limited