Ocean Therapy

Ocean Therapy

The ocean is an environment enriched in sensory experiences where there are opportunities to:

  • Move with Meaning

  • Feel & Express with purpose & meaning

  • Connect to Self, with Others & with Nature

Ocean Therapy is individualised to the child’s needs, supporting meaningful participation & development of functional skills across areas of:

  • Mental

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Social

Ocean Therapy provides a window of opportunity to develop foundational skills associated to challenges with social, emotional & behavhoiral responses (often as a result of trauma) including:

  • Postural activation and stability

  • Movement fluency around the body axis

  • Shifts & Regulation of physiological states - breath & heart rate

  • Security in self

  • Resilience

  • Sensory & Emotional integration

This integrative approach supports individuals overall health & wellness whilst diving deep into aiding an individuals nervous system, emotional connection & organisation of the body, mind & spirit. Guiding skills for life.

We offer one on one services & surf camp therapy groups. All services were designed & are carried out by our specialist trauma-responsive paediatric occupational therapists. All hold additional surf coaching & ocean safety training.

The surfing culture values being present in a single moment, sharing time & place with each other at one with nature. Our service integrates this value & supports an individual to break through their barriers to share the 'ALOHA' spirit

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