Wholistic OT Mentoring

Wholistic OT Mentoring

Individualised Occupational Therapy Mentoring to meet your clinical, emotional, physical & mental health needs. 

We value supporting balance & integration across therapy & life. 

We are specialist trauma-responsive paediatric OT's with 10 - 15 years of experience both clinically & on a mentoring level. 

Our wholistic mentoring service includes:

- Authentic connection - we honour being present, listening to & learning about you so that we can guide skills which are emerging for you

- Individual approach - we adapt our mentoring to meet your needs so that a spark of empowerment is fostered

- Quality & safety - we journey with you on your path as a therapist & provide opportunities to extend tools for therapy & life; aiding wellness

Fee $200.00 - $250.00 / hour

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