Events - Food Therapy - Monday 2.30pm

Food Therapy - Monday 2.30pm

  • Topics:

    🥒 Is your child a Picky Eater or Problem Feeder?
    🥒 Are mealtimes a challenging and stressful time in your household?
    🥒 Does your child eat a limited range or type of foods?

  • Date:

    January 8, 2024 at 2:30pm

  • Cost:

    $190 p/h

  • Location:

    Suite 1, 14 Newcastle st, Rose Bay

  • Spots:


Event Description

🍓 Kids Spot Speech Pathology currently has the capacity to offer food therapy sessions

🍌 Our Speech Pathologists are trained in the SOS approach to feeding therapy approach and will use this along with oral motor and sensory integration principles to support your child and family to support your child towards success along the “steps to eating” continuum

🥕 It is a play-based approach sparking motivation, exploration & joy with nutritious food.


🥗 A 1 hour Telehealth consultation with you - this aims to gather important information about your current challenges as well as go through some videos of your child’s current eating skills.

🍓 A 1-hour assessment to gather important details about your child's current skills and areas of challenge within the area of eating.

🍅 weekly clinic-based therapy sessions that include a carer

🥦 During each session you and your child will prepare and share a meal and engage in play and exploration of a range of foods 

🍌 Weekly progress summaries detailing the skills you’ve learnt and strategies for integrating into the home

Current availability includes:

Monday 2.30 pm

Fee: $190 per session

NOTE: food for each session will be provided and prepared by you.

Suitable for children presenting with picky or problem feeding who are able to: communicate verbally, and follow instructions & when regulated to sit at a table.